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I’ve seen many talks. In fact I’m a bit of a talk addict, although lately I don’t have that much time to watch talks as I liked.

Accross the many talks I’ve seen some were interesting, some were hilarious, some were very good but little were inspiring. By being inspiring I mean a talk that you go home and think about it and how it affects or could affect you, a talk that opens your mind to a whole new perspective, more important a talk that you sense it could change your life.

Overall I saw about three inspiring talks. The first one was about 2 years ago. I was attending my first class of a discipline called “Human-Computer Interaction” and we talked about “Human Thinking”, “Lateral Thinking”, “Thinking Out of the Box” and the role of creativity in all this process of thinking. So the teacher showed us a video from TED Talks entitled “Do schools kill creativity?” and it really opened my mind to the importance of creativity on our lifes, how the “system” is destroying our ability to be creative, and how we can fight it.

The second talk was an impressive 3 minutes talk given by Richard St. John, entitled “Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes”. In the same way as the first, it was also a teacher that showed me the video, while we were talking about leadership. I have already written a little about this talk on my old blog (portuguese blog).

The third inspiring talk I saw it today. It is entitled the “Last Lecture” and it was given by Randy Pausch. And why is this talk inspiring? For several reasons being the first the spirit of the speaker considering that he is dying of pancreatic cancer. In spite of his condition he shows a tremendous will to fight and keep having fun until the day he dies. But this is not the talk theme. The other reason why I found this talk inspiring was about the talk’s theme – “Achieving your childhood dreams”. Achieving your dreams isn’t always easy and there are some “brick walls” that keep you from getting there. Randy Pausch talks about how he fought against those brick walls and tells us that they are there only to keep the people that don’t really don’t want to be there.

It’s a great talk and I advise you all to see it. You can find it here ->


Susana Vilaça

2 thoughts on “Inspiring talks

  1. Já tinha falado desse video no meu blog ( é realmente um video que em tudo confirma a minha teoria de ser necessário para o futuro da juventude académica e mesmo de toda a comunidade que se aposte de forma empreendedora e se arrisque de forma corajosa em projectos inovadores.
    Espero que todos vejam o video, desde professores, a alunos, passando por directores, reitores e porque não empresários com mentes fechadas no seu mundo e na forma conservadora como vêm o dinamismo e empreendedorismo das novas mentes académicas.

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