Google Transit and Google Maps in Portuguese

Google Maps PT

Last month the Portuguese versions of Google Maps and Google Transit were launched.

Google Maps is pretty the same only written in Portuguese. The only problem is that there are many errors on street names. Where is Google going to get the streets database for Portugal? Google Maps is very good at finding locations but this problem really affects its performance!!

Google Transit is a very useful feature. However only two transportation companies in Lisbon are actually integrated on the system: Carris and Metro Lisboa. The problem with Carris is that bus stops aren’t georeferenced, so bus paths are always straightforward from start to end points. It’s actually funny see bus routes go over trees and buildings :), but is definitively a feature to improve.

I hope more transportation companies, like CP and Vimeca among others, join the system because at the moment we have mainly have information of how to travel by public transports on the city centre and it world really be helpfull to know how to get to the periphery.

Ultimately I hope this system to be extended to other Portuguese cities where it would be equally usefull.


Susana Vilaça

2 thoughts on “Google Transit and Google Maps in Portuguese

  1. I tried it and it works very nice. There’s room for improvement, tough. Both in terms of usability and features.

    I recently did a school report on usability analysis and testing of Porto’s itinerarium.net. Honestly, it’s very very bad, don’t you think? I hope they change soon.

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