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Google Language Tools – User Experience problems

So Google knows my country (Portugal), he knows my search habits, my translation habits, and much more. So why the hell the default Google Translate languages are Spanish to English??

Lately I’ve been using Google Translate more often because I was assigned a project which requires some technical knowledge. Every technical term either I want to translate it to Portuguese, to better understand its meaning, or translate it to English to know what is the English word/expression. I’ve been doing this for some weeks now and the suggested languages were Afrikaans to English. Every time I used Google Translate I had to, at least, change Afrikaans to Portuguese.

To my astonishment, today I noticed it was no longer Afrikaans to English but Spanish to English! What a hell?? Spanish?? Why?? Google why did you put Spanish to English and not Portuguese to English?

Initially I gave Google some benefit of doubt and checked my Google Account settings to see if Spain or Spanish was anywhere defined, but no. I have as my country Portugal and as my default language English.

By simply fixing this to my home country language, Google would give me a better user experience and I wouldn’t certainly be frustrated by wasting tine setting up my translation options every time I use Google Translate. It’s simply a crappy experience!


Note: I don’t have anything against Spain or Spanish language I just would like to have my preferred settings rightly automated.


Susana Vilaça

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