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11 UI Patterns Resources

Below are some UI Patterns resources that I find useful in my everyday wrok life. Hope you find it useful 🙂

1. Quince

Quince is a beautiful website that allows you to search for patterns in an unusual way. You can search patterns by User Task, Tag Relations and Wireframes. I think their intention is good however I think they’re not very successful at classifying patterns what causes some usability problems. Regardless they have some useful stuff. Here’s the link:


2. Pattern Tap

One of my favourites! With an extensive number of collections, you find almost everything you want here. The downside here is that there are no description and rationale for each pattern.



A really good resource and with a strong rationale behind each pattern. The examples could be better.


4. UI Patterns

Similar to however I think it has some findability problems. Shows some good examples.


5. Design Snips

A somewhat different resource, clearly oriented for designers.


6. MephoBox

Very similar to Pattern Tap.


7. Web & Patterns

This website has been growing and it’s becoming one of my favorites. Here you find various patterns and can also see comments and opinions from the community that are certainly helpful.


8. Yahoo! Design Patterns Library

Really, really useful when you are trying to describe how a pattern works!


9. Patternry

Very complete resource of patterns.


10. Designing Social Interfaces Patterns

The ultimate guide for social interfaces 🙂


11. Mobile UI Patterns

One of the few available. Really useful!


Susana Vilaça

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