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Learning with videogames

Being a huge fan of video games and having played them since childhood I’m an apologist that video games can really help boosting a child’s learning and educational curve.

At the Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education Will Wright (game designer of video games like The Sims or Spore) talks about this subject and makes some interesting points:


Basically Will Wright summarizes the main aspects of what is learning and explains how video games are useful for a good education experience.

Resuming, video games:

  • allow identity
  • offer a reason to do it (clear goals)
  • allow and mitigate risk (controlled environment)
  • encourage failure
  • problem solving: allows you to think outside the box´
  • empower creativity and imagination


Of course, I think that playing outside with other children is also important but the fact that some healthy video games’ playing can bring many advantages cannot be denied.

So what are your thoughts on this? Would / Do you let your children play video games?


Susana Vilaça

One thought on “Learning with videogames

  1. Hell yes!
    I grew up in the 80’s and mid 90’s and spent countless hours in front of my ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, Mega Drive, etc..
    That doesn’t mean i didn’t played outside (and me and my friends did it a lot).

    I suppose you just need to have some balance between playing outdoors and indoors. You can still have both in an afternoon, i remember playing football with friends outside and late afternoon a Street Fighter tournament (in the oldie SNES).

    Regarding learning, there’s always such a huge variety of games, some of them really make you want to bang your head to the wall, some you know you could be brain dead and still finish them. That’s what i always loved about Nintendo games, they make a lot more videogames with the intent of making people think and still having fun doing it.

    Right now i’m doing a couple of puzzles of NDS’s Professor Layton every day before bed time. ^^

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