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Portuguese political parties on the Web

In about one month (5 June) we’re going to have elections in Portugal. The 5 major political parties are already starting their campaigns which involves the traditional travelling around Portugal, speeches, travelling around Portugal, more speeches and hopefully live debates between candidates. So this is the pretty standard offline political party presence, plus all the media coverage.

For me, and I believe for the majority of the Portuguese people, I won’t see at least one full live speech from one of the candidates. I will watch the news and pay attention to what others (critics, experts) are saying  but I want at least one way of contacting directly with each one of the parties so I can get information about their proposals for the new mandate. I immediately thought “I’ll go to their websites. They must have what I’m looking for.”

So I went to all major parties websites:

  1. Partido Socialista
  2. Partido Social Democrata
  3. CDU
  4. Partido Popular
  5. Bloco de Esquerda

Parties nr. 2 and 3 have made specific websites for the elections. The others have just created new areas in their existing websites.

As I visited these websites I had three main questions in mind:

  1. What are this party proposals for the new mandate
  2. What’s your plan of action against our nation main problems
  3. How do you intend to deal with the presence of the International Monetary Fund

As I visited website by website I was disappointed with what I saw when I first entered, which is News, answers to fights between parties and, in the corner, deep in the page, a link to the electoral compromise.

When I visited the electoral compromise, well, another disappointment… They presented me with a huge page or a PDF document (about 40 pages) to read! I still don’t know if my questions are answered in these pages because I haven’t read them yet…

Regarding the presence on social networks only found parties 1, 2 and 4 Facebook pages and they seem like a news feed…

I think political parties need to step up their game in the online field. The web and social networks are an excellent place for a more direct communication with the voters, with no intermediaries. Making videos or writing posts about one specific subject, or about one problem and what they think it will help solve it would be a step in getting people more involved and helping them decide their votes.

We don’t need more lines like:

“Portugal is this situation because José Socrates is a lousy Prime Minister! Portugal needs a strong and honest hand, and we are that hand!”


Susana Vilaça

4 thoughts on “Portuguese political parties on the Web

  1. You said it. The political parties build their campaigns attacking the government instead of inspiring change. Their message is clear: Sócrates is evil and we had nothing to do with this hole Portugal is in.

    The biggest opponent for the Government refused to accept the stability program but on the very next day after making the government fall went to Bruxelles stating he will accept the Government program a.k.a. PEC IV. (video proof:

    Then along comes IMF stating they will implement PEC IV and some more measures in which all the opposition retaliates with “the government was hiding the truth”.

    After this is obvious the political parties ONLY want to be at the top. Most people don’t know what are the plans for the future of our country and they are doing a pretty good job not saying it.

    And if instead of not going to vote the people were educated to know that voting blank is a stronger statement than not voting at all, we wouldn’t have so many people complaining the Portuguese People are naive.

  2. De que vale ir-se para a rua protestar, falar mal da classe política se depois deixamos que a “mama” continue em certos lugares. Continua-se a fazer a politica para agradar uns quantos milhões que garantem os votos, mesmo que isso signifique falir o estado e ter que pedir ajuda e depois pagarmos mais juros sobre essa ajuda.
    Isto já se repetiu e é cíclico. Faz-se politica para ganhar votos.

  3. Acho que cada vez menos tens isso.

    Apesar de tudo acho que esta crise tem servido para exigirmos mais dos nossos políticos.

    Uma perspectiva derrotista tanto pelo lado do povo como pelo lado dos partidos não leva a lado nenhum. Temos sim que exigir mais e melhor.

  4. O problema é que o povo ainda é demasiado ignorante para ouvir e perceber propostas ou ideias. O povo quer frases de uma linha, simples compreensão e sem esforço. Um enredo de novela e de fácil entendimento é suficiente.

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