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I was going through my feeds and on a post from Playfool I saw this new online gaming experience from kijjaa!, where you control your ship using your iPhone and your computer screen as the display device. Tough this concept is very interesting I completely agree with the blog author when he says this type of gaming isn’t going to replace the traditional console system we have today. I like to play on my DS or iPhone when on my way to work/home. At home or when I invite friends I usually play on my home consoles. It’s a completely different experience. I wouldn’t like to replace that experience with one where I have to spend my iPhone’s battery, and power my laptop just to play some game.

Recently Nintendo as been struggling with some difficulties due to poor sales, and many have claimed that mobile gaming will be the future, especially for the casual player (one of Nintendo’s main targets). I think mobile platforms need to be considered as a new gaming platform, especially when video games like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope have such a success. But when it comes to true video game lovers nobody likes their consoles and their video game collection more.


source: The future of gaming – Playfool


Susana Vilaça

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