Nokia Flexibile

Nokia flexible device demo

Nokia presented, at the Nokia World 2011, the Kinect Device. The Kinect Device is a very flexible device and we can navigate through its UI by bending and twisting it. It’s built out of plastic and doesn’t contain any phone, camera GPS or touch functionalities. Take a look at the video below. For such a raw […]


The Kinect Effect

The video below is a new commercial, launched by Microsoft, about the XBox Kinect sensor. Kinect is a motion sensor for the XBox console and was initially intended for gaming purposes, however people started using it in various ways including in the fields of medicine, education and music. This type of technology sure brings lots of challenges […]


My new Kindle

I was one of those people who when you talk about replacing the good old paper books said: “I like having the physical stuff!”, “I don’t believe the book as we know is going to disappear anytime soon”. Well, when I got a Kindle this Christmas my opinion shifted. I still believe that books are […]