Failure, Serendipity and Change

Failure, Serendipity and Change are the main ideas I take from day #2 at SWITCH. Day #2 was not as great as day #1, however I saw some great talks like: 1.S… Happens in life and businesses and it should by Ana Silva Ana talked about serendipity. I must be honest, I knew the word […]


Done is better than perfect

“Done is better than perfect” – this sentence is from Ji Lee, ex-Creative Director at Google Creative Lab and future Creative Director at Facebook, and I think it sums up the main idea at #1 at SWITCH. This day had some really good talks like: 1. Working at home Without Going Crazy by José Fontaínhas José had […]


What drives you? – motivation theories

So I decided to move to my own personalized domain. I thought it was time to leave some topics in the old blog behind since I’m no more working on them. So to inaugurate my new blog I leave you with an inspiring video about motivation. It was a talk given by Daniel Pink at […]