Master Thesis on the Human-Computer Interaction’s role on Geographic Information Systems

That’s the title of my thesis 🙂

This is my course’s last semester and with Bologna Process I could choose between doing an internship or writing a thesis. As I got this job at Microsoft I chose to write the thesis. It wasn’t easy to pick a theme…The ones that were proposed by some teachers and companies weren’t much appealing. So I talked to a teacher that is expert in Human-Computer Interaction, mainly in public transportation information systems, and she proposed me to write a thesis on the role of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and I accepted.

The main goal of my thesis is to propose a user-centred methodology for the development of GIS applications. I’m studying HCI, GIS, human cognition, usability heuristics, etc.  I will also be making some usability testing to compare some applications and to analyse the prototypes I’m going to build.

I’m only sorry that the time that I have to carry out this job is very short…only 20 weeks…but I’m going to try to do a good job and after all have a good evaluation ;).

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  1. Lemma Nigussie

    Good work. It is very interesting to think of GIS in terms of the human-computer interaction. But how are you going to carry out the research is not clear.

  2. Hi carldmayo, thanks for you comment!

    I completely agree with you regarding your opinion about HCI and GIS and is my objective to contribute to this field of study with my research. Although I have short deadline for my thesis my intentions are to continue my research and dedicate myself to this field of study hoping to contribute for a construction of better software.

    Good luck for your work and if you ever need to discuss something on this matter feel free to e-mail me :).

  3. carldmayo

    I too am a student in computer science and I find it interested on the thesis topic you selected to write on. In one of my courses, one of the primary topics of interest is the study of Human Computer Interaction and the technologies developed to accommodate the masses.

    One thing I would like to do is find out how I can implement HCI technologies into networking methodologies to develop more efficient computer networks. I think your chosen studies of interest are definitely impressive and have opened my eyes to research further into these topics.

    Generally speaking, I must admit that HCI and GIS will test the boundaries of developers to implement effective means of human cognition to develop user friendly technology that all can benefit from and from this, help bridge the gap between the differences in human interaction with computing devices.

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