One day @ Palácio da Pena

Last friday me and my boyfriend decided to take a walk and get to know Lisboa better. First we were going to the centre of the city but because it was April 25th and there were several manifestations on the street that day we decideed to breath some fresh air and go to Palácio da Pena at Sintra. I have to say it was a great choice we made! On that day it was hot as hell and some fresh air from the woods felt really nice :).

About Palácio da Pena all I have to say it’s that it is amazing! The palace is wonderful and the view is astonishing. It’s really a nice place to spend a day. You can find some photos I took on my Flickr photostream and some history about Palácio da Pena on Wikipedia.


Susana Vilaça

4 thoughts on “One day @ Palácio da Pena

  1. I’ve been waiting all summer to visit Quinta da Regaleira, however sometimes I was lazy or was too much heat to get out of the house.
    I only have weekends as this year I don’t have vacations…*snif* but I hope I still go there this year 🙂

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