A user-centred methodology for software development

The main objective of my thesis was to develop a user-centred methodology for GIS development. First, and due to the few time I had to complete my work, I assumed that GIS development was like developing a generic software product, and second I came to conclusion that it is not possible to create a methodology that is applied to all projects as each own has its characteristics and restrictions. Actually I am apologist that it must be the methodology to adapt itself to the project and not the other way around. So I picked some concepts from agile methodologies and from user-centred design, and developed a set of guidelines to help developers building good quality software that includes usability techniques and user involvement.

Basically my “methodology” is divided in three:

  1. A base methodology for the development process.
  2. How to integrate usability techniques on the process.
  3. How to involve users on the process.

On the next posts I’ll talk more about each of these parts.


Susana Vilaça

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