One day @ Lisbon’s Zoo

The other day I went to Lisbon’s Zoo and I have to say it was a well spent day :). It all started with a show of sea lions feeding. The sea lions were very well trained and very kind. Then we went to see the dolphins show. I never had seen a dolphin, except on TV, and it was such an amazing experience. They’re so fast and gracious. After that it was time for the birds. But these were not regular birds. They were big birds and flew really close above the crowd. A scary experience…

On the afternoon it was time to explore the Zoo. We went to the visit the reptile zone with alligators, big snakes and turtles.

On the tiger pit we saw tigers behaving like kittens sleeping with their belly up. There was a baby tiger too. We also saw white tigers, so beautiful.

On the lions pit was also a really big lion family, with at least 2 baby lions and 2 big male lions.

I also loved to see the elephants and giraffes and other animals I had never seen before. In the end we took a tram tour around the zoo and we passed right above the lions pit and above other dangerous animals. I have to confess I was a little afraid…

In the end we were exhausted but happy with the amazing things we saw and experienced 🙂

A small curiosity. You can find these guys everywhere around the zoo (some with their babies). Except, of course, near potential predators :P.


Susana Vilaça

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