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Yesterday I went to Peter Morville’s talk about User Experience Strategy, at User Experience Week. It was a great talk and Peter talked about some very important topics like Information Architecture (IA) and Findability.

He focused on the importance of IA and its applicability not only to web sites but to software in general and on how important is to think about the target audience when building IA schemes. He showed some examples related to wealth industry where it was used a very technical taxonomy to categorize several diseases, and when you wanted to find information about “Diabetes” you wouldn’t know where to look.

Then he talked a little about User Experience introducing his User Experience Honeycomb and how it emerged of usability being no longer sufficient. He explained that usability is becoming a synonym of quality and therefore it’s necessary to go beyond usability and explore other facets of User Experience, like desirability, credibility and Findability.

He is particularly very fond of Findability as he believes it will be the driver of UX future. Findability is the quality of something being locatable or navigable, the degree to which an object is easy to discover, and the degree to which a system supports wayfinding and information retrieval. On this picture the “search” functionality plays an essential role as a complex and adaptive system that allows users to find their way across the Internet, Intranet and complex websites.

Regarding User Experience Strategy itself Peter didn’t went to deep only refering his User Experience Strategy Honeycomb (another honeycomb :)) and emphasizing that “executives can no longer afford to formulate strategy without embracing user experience, and to the extent their offerings include web sites, software products, and interactive services, these leaders must understand the complex interplay between strategy, scope, structure, semantics, skeleton, and surface”.

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