World Usability Day 2009 – Designing for a Sustainable World


Today, 12th November, we celebrate the World Usability Day. This year theme is Designing for a Sustainable World which basically is about showing how usability can be applied to all we do and build:

Designing for a Sustainable World focuses on how our products and services impact our world. We look at all products and services, whether they are buildings, roads, consumer products, business, services or healthcare systems; throughout their life cycle. The impact focuses on – our environment, energy, water, soil, and more. Have the materials and processes that have been used been recycled and are they re-usable? Are they user and environmentally friendly? These are questions we all must consider as we design, purchase, use and dispose of products each and every day.

Around the world, a series of events happened to celebrate this day. Unfortunately, here in Portugal we didn’t organize any event… However APPU (Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais de Usabilidade) built a website called “Sustentabilidade e Usabilidade” where people can send good and bad examples of products of our everyday life. It’s a great initiative and I hope we see more of this in Portugal in the future.

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