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I was one of those people who when you talk about replacing the good old paper books said: “I like having the physical stuff!”, “I don’t believe the book as we know is going to disappear anytime soon”.

Well, when I got a Kindle this Christmas my opinion shifted. I still believe that books are going to stay around for some more years, specially those collector’s editions and books that are really special for some reason. But other books that fall in the OK category, technical books,  work related books, etc. I’ll definitely bet in e-book format.

Regarding the Kindle, its aesthetics and user experience, I couldn’t be more impressed! Its size, simplicity, button placement are things that you know it had to had some deep study behind it, as it perfectly adjusts to my hands and reading position.

Well the screen is something amazing that really blew my mind off when I first looked at it: “It really feels like a book!!!” – this was my first comment. I think it says it all 🙂

I’ll leave you with some resources for Kindle. I’m still exploring, but here it goes:

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  1. You have a point there 🙂 Digital books are more protected indeed.

    Regarding the type of books, Kindle also reads PDFs, ePubs, AZW (original file format) allows e-mail conversion (useful for Instapaper for example that sends you your read later article to your Kindle via e-mail), and also reads MP3 and audiobooks from

    It’s really an amazing technology 🙂


    Although those resources focus on sci-fi, there are plenty of classics that might appeal to you. And they are all free 😉

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