Failure, Serendipity and Change

Failure, Serendipity and Change are the main ideas I take from day #2 at SWITCH. Day #2 was not as great as day #1, however I saw some great talks like:

1.S… Happens in life and businesses and it should by Ana Silva

Ana talked about serendipity. I must be honest, I knew the word but I didn’t knew what it meant until I saw her presentation. So according to Ana, serendipity is about you looking  for something and instead finding something else. It has an intrinsic randomness which I love :).

She also talked about serendipity being a factor  that drives us in our social lives (stimulating connections) and in our work life (when we create new experiences).

2. To change or not to change, by William ShakesFear by Zé Pedro

This was the last talk of the conference and, I must say, it was a really good way to end it! This talk was about embracing change and don’t letting yourself be ruled by fear. Here are some points he highlighted:

  • You often stick to some labels that don’t allow you to change
  • Life runs fast and when you notice “life has decided for you”
  • You don’t depend on the world, you have to adjust yourself
  • Everybody is running (that’s why they call it the human race)
  • What you need to do? Accept the change, respect it (be humble) and embrace it (just do it)
  • Everything is up to you. Be alert of your surroundings.

3. Failure

These days talking about failure has become sort of a fashion. SWITCH was no exception. We saw some talks about failure. Ones more interesting than others where basically the main message is “Do not fear failure. Persevere. It’s all up to you.”


So wrapping everything up SWITCH was a great conference! I sure was inspired, had fun and connected!

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  1. I’m so glad you liked my talk Susana and that you learned a little bit more about the role of serendipity in life and business 🙂

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