Ideas for portuguese parties improve their online presence

Following my latest post I present here some ideas for Portuguese parties to improve their online presence.

1. Clearly identify their view on which are our nation’s main problems

Ok, we have a problem with money! We need it but we don’t have it and no one wants to loans us money. The Portuguese people understands this, however we need more. We want to understand the problems. The whys and hows of our situation.

I think the main questions here are where and why. Where are the main problems and Why are we in these situation.

Political parties could use the web to explain the crisis to the Portuguese people using, for example infographics, video infographics, podcasts or even Slideshare presentations. I saw this great video explaining the crisis of credit and I really think this type of resources are very helpful.


2. Present solutions for the identified problems

So here are the problems and here is how we plan to solve them! That’s pretty simple but unfortunately is where political parties fail most.

The electoral program is presented through something like a press conference and then a huge document is made available online. First in this press conferences only the main issues are presented, second the huge document presents some astonishing unclear and fuzzy proposals, and third the majority of the Portuguese people only ears the proposals through the media that, well, only show what they want.

So my message here is present your program directly to the voters. Make videos, podcasts, and speak with no intermediaries. And also but no less important present clear and concrete solutions.


3. Provide means of direct contact

This is where social networks like Facebook and Twitter are really useful. Political parties should use these tools to speak and listen to their voters and not use it as a news feed or calendar.

Provide means for conversation and interaction with the party and mainly with the Prime Minister candidate. Make it personal, collaborative and inspiring.


4. Inspire change and optimism

And at last but not least use the Web to let people know you are committed. You want to change our situation and you have a clear vision of how.

Inspire people and make them really believe that coming out from this situation is possible.

We need solutions, not accusations or empty words.

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